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2020 3 15 CS 820N真人介绍视频2

Benchtop Spectrophotometer CS 820 - www.spectrumgfa.com

Bench top spectrophotometer CS-820 made by www.spectrumgfa.com adopts CLEDS as light sources with double beams spectral analysis technology. It adopts D/8 as its illumination to meet the measurement requirements for different kinds of industries. It could measurement under condition of both SCI and SCE.
We could see the testing result directly from its large screen without connecting PC. It will be more convenient to set the instrument. It could work with color management and color matching software. Its testing caliber could be adjusted and the largest testing caliber could reach 25.4mm to meet the testing requirement for different samples. CS-820 spectrophotometer could not only test the opaque sample but also suitable for testing the transmittance and turbidness of transparent and semitransparent liquid. With sideward testing caliber, it will be more convenient to fix the white caliberation board on the testing caliber to ensure the testing accuracy. And samples with different thickness could also be fixed on it in case of light entering into the instrument.

Kuvings Evolution Cold Press Slow Juicer EVO820 - Innovative juicer

With Kuvings, Juicing has never been easier. Get free recipes \u0026 our latest news.

■ The New O shape flip gate Whole Slow Juicer
- Easier and More convenient
The new 5th generation O shape flip gate is wider than the
existing models for easier juicing and has only one feeding
entrance let convenient juicing possible.

■ Wider 82mm Feeding chute
- Reduce the juicing \u0026 Preparation time.
The 82mm feeding chute, which is wider than the existing
models can let putting larger ingredients without cutting,
leading to fast juicing.

■ Leather Pattern New Design
- Stylish design for premium quality
The front leather pattern and the streamlined body
let you feel luxurious, and the trendy color scheme
consisting of three colors of Dark Gray / Dark Pearl Red/
White has broadened the consumer choice.

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* Kuvings product : https://kuvings.com/prd/
Kuvings Juicer : Whole Slow Juicer, Slow Juicer, Commercial
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Kuvings Greek Yogur \u0026 Cheese Maker

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